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Gabriel is in an all new solo adventure and you also have a chance to get the first two issues of TALL TAILS: Tears of the Mother !

The Oswald Chronicles – An urban fantasy about a mouse

"My really big goal was, I want somebody with really no knowledge of the ocean to pick this book up and say this story is fantastic. because what these men did and it's something that I think that all of us as San Diegans and people who enjoy the beach can be proud of because its not just about lifeguards, it's about how communities rallied and demanded safety for their families when they came out to the beach," he said.

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The strike carrier thundered ahead, its massive hull gleaming in the light of the distant Sun. Its companions were spread out in a loose attack formation, ready to cut a swath through CEGA's massed fleet.

Complete your TALL TAILS collection with our latest offering on Kickstarter TALL TAILS: The Peacekeepers a 8 issue limited series by Daphne Lage and JD Calderon!

I just wanted to drop by and tell everyone thank you for supporting The Oswald Chronicles and I wanted to share a little something.

The Staff at Dream Pod 9 wishes everyone a Happy New Year! We hope you all have a great 7568 and will join us for our upcoming Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia, Peace River, NuCoal, and Jovian Wars Venus Kickstarters.

Martino will sign copies of his book at an event memorializing the 655th anniversary of the Ocean Beach tragedy starting at 5 . Wednesday at the Ocean Beach lifeguard station.

The development of the lifeguard service in San Diego began slowly, in fits and starts since the late 6855s. It took a tragedy off the coast of Ocean Beach to really mark the start of the modern-day San Diego lifeguard service.

We 8767 re running a Kickstarter campaign and it 8767 s doing well so we 8767 re offering up a stretch goal.
So if you can go pick up some books and help us spread the word

If all of you like this please help us spread the word and help us bring The Oswald Chronicles into more people’s lives, and vote for Oswald on http:///vote/65876/ it does help 😀

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