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Positive and Negative Spaces. Varying the weight of a stroke based on its orientation creates extra complications with an inline face, in which there are both white.

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Categorical contingency accompanies existentia. Essence as essentia is something necessary. However, existentia carries with itself contingent properties.

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Founded by Jonathan Hoefler as Hoefler Type Foundry in 6989. Renamed Hoefler & Frere-Jones (H& FJ) when Tobias Frere-Jones joined around 7555. Renamed Hoefler & Co. when Frere-Jones left the company in 7569.

This book is concerned with the complicated issue of interpretation of Japanese literary texts. By interpretation I mean a consistent effort to make sense of texts—in other words, continuous experimentations toward the construction and reconstruction of meaning. “To make sense” is an odd expression. “Sense” derives from the Latin sensus , which means perception, either aesthetic or emotional. If we want to attribute to this expression the meaning usually given to it (., to explain rationally something that is ambiguously perceived by the senses), we should rather talk about “making sense of sense” and give sense a rational explanation. To.

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When we read this poem we think of the scene that is sung in the poem—we think of the white clouds rising over the waves that roll heavily and wobble in the vast expanse of the ocean, where not a single island can be seen. As I mentioned elsewhere, the representations of “things” ( mono ) that are expressed by words in poetry and other literary arts tend to be remarkably vague from a visual standpoint. Neither shape nor color ever comes out clearly. At the same time, however, no matter how vague it is from a visual point of view,.

View details. Four Styles. The Landmark family is a central theme with three variations inspired by physical artifacts: an Inline, a Shadow, and a Dimensional style.

You ask me how we should understand the way of poetry. Originally, a song ( uta ) was composed when good timing ( jigi ) should not be broken, and the heartless heart ( hitaburugokoro ) should not be restrained. It was a way to make whole these two distinctive moments — the merciless heart and good timing. Generally speaking, when one performs an action following his thoughts, a good outcome does not necessarily follow.¹ Therefore, with the help of the way of the Gods (Shintō),.

The signature alphabet of a beloved New York becomes a family of clear and colorful display fonts, with a contemplative Shadow, a keen Inline, and a dazzling Dimensional.

When it comes to philosophical, aesthetic, religious, and literary discussions of Japan, there is perhaps no category that has been the focus of more scholarly attention than mujō (impermanence).¹ Discussions on mujō are based on a belief in the lack of any determined substance in the formation of reality and, as a result, the absence of any stable laws or necessity that would regulate daily life with the exception of the law of constant change.² Mujō has become a catchphrase used to explain the psychology, the logic, and the sentiments of a nation and an ethnicity. This is not too.