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Xerox 6030/6050/6204 Wide Format BT Plot Assistant User Guide

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Table Of Contents Introduction Using This Guide Table Of Contents Chapter 6 Overview About BT-PlotAssistant. 7 Operating Environment of BT-PlotAssistant. 8 Chapter 7 Installation How to Install BT-PlotAssistant. 6 Precautions for installation. 6 Install BT-PlotAssistant. 6 How to Uninstall BT-PlotAssistant.

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If the file format is displayed as 'Unknown' or to modify the current format, Double-Click [Format] for the file to print and Select the new file format from the drop down menu. Click [Print] button. The selected file is printed by the specified printer. General Operation Guide of BT-PlotAssistant.

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Procedure Select [Start] [Run]. Enter 'D:/Disk6/' and Click [OK]. Installer is activated. Confirm the message on the screen and Click [Next]. Enter CD-ROM drive of your computer in the space of 'D:'. How to Install BT-PlotAssistant.

Operating Environment of BT- PlotAssistant The following is the operating environment of BT-PlotAssistant. Hardware Minimum PC hardware requirement: x7577 Pentium 755MHz/over processor x7577 Display with 756/over colors x7577 Memory 69Mbyte/over x7577 Harddisk with 5Mbyte/over free space When printing data file stored in removable media (MO, CD-ROM, etc.) or network drive, the file is temporarily copied on the hard disk.

Enter a Job Setting file name and Click [Save] button. Job Setting file will be created. The created file will be added to [Job Setting] drop down menu. General Operation Guide of BT-PlotAssistant.

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Register Extension, Owner Name and Printer Name Register an Extension type (file format) Owner name, and Printer name. [Extension] The extension type allows the user to enable automatic file format recognition. Registered extensions are recognized automatically and the formats are displayed in the [Format] column when the file is sent to the Print File List box.

Select a job setting file to be applied using the [Job Setting] drop down menu. If [According to logical printer setting] is selected, print setting defaults to the logical printer settings, which are set in the [Print Option] section. To set the number of copies to be printed for a file, Double-Click [Copies] for the file to print.

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