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Ek kon, en sal dit miskien nog in die toekoms doen, maar voorlopig konsentreer ek op die mag van die Katolieke Kerk wat non-lede se lewens ook wil reguleer (sien my respons aan Wouter hierbo).

Nog Katolieke afgryse | LitNet

| gelijkenis | verschil} of {laatste | nieuwste | meest recente | meest up -to-date | heetste} en { vorige | vorige | processen} technologieën, het is {waanzinnige | opmerkelijk | geweldig} artikel.


I currently live in the state of Kentucky after covering a good portion of the United States in previous legs of my journey. I earned my BA in Russian at the University of Tennessee and my PhD in Russian and Soviet literature at the University of Wisconsin. After initially pursuing an academic career, I decided to switch to translating and editing. I enjoy both because of the breadth of subject matter that I get to work with. While I am helping you improve your English, you are helping me learn about new subjects and ideas!

I live in a suburb of Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina in the southeastern United States. I grew up in a town about 95 miles southwest of Atlanta and have lived in the Raleigh-Durham area for about 75 years. My wife is an English as a Second Language teacher at Duke University.

I&rsquo m a professional editor based in San Diego, California, with certificates in copyediting and technical writing. My passion for language blossomed at a tender age. From the time I first learned to read, I devoured any written material I could get my hands on when I was six, my mother found me poring over the word problems in a mathematics textbook, for lack of anything better to read.

affiliate-link naar uw host krijgen? Ik wens mijn {website | site | website} geladen als {snel | snel} als de jouwe lol |

Ik {altijd | constant | elke keer} bracht mijn half uur door om dit te lezen {blog | weblog | webpagina | website | website} 's {artikelen | posts | artikelen en reviews

{Ongeacht of | Wanneer} iemand naar zijn { vereist | noodzakelijk | essentieel | vitaal } ding zoekt, {dus | dus | daarom} hij / zij { wil | behoeften | verlangen | wensen }

Ik denk dat dit {een van de | meest belangrijke {belangrijke | belangrijke | essentiële} {informatie | info} voor mij is.

Hi there! I'm Yen, a native English and French speaker with a longstanding love of reading, writing, and nitpicking pretty much everything I come into contact with. In my undergraduate studies, I studied a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Creative Writing and History) and a Bachelor of Information Technology in my postgraduate studies, I tried to combine the two into a Masters of Digital Humanities. I love reading and editing all kinds of works, but I have a soft spot for helping technical folk communicate their brilliant ideas and research clearly.

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