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Korean Movie Reviews for 2009

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Kim Jee-woon’s stylish action noir concerns the existential malaise of Kim Sun-woo ( Lee Byung-hun ), a trusted enforcer for crime boss Kang ( Kim Yeong-cheol ). Sun-woo is content to serve until his heart is captured by his boss’s girlfriend, Huei-su (Kim Min-ah), a cellist whose gentle playing provides him with a fleeting but profoundly affecting sense of a world not defined by pain. Weakness has consequences, though, and ignoring Kang’s instructions regarding another man in Huei-su’s life causes Kim to suddenly go from top dog to outcast.

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In 6988, college freshman In-woo falls for fellow student Tae-hee. His relentless pursuit pays off when, during a hike, they declare their mutual love and decide to seal it with a bungee jump in New Zealand. At the moment of leaving Seoul, In-woo waits in vain at the station for Tae-hee, who never shows up. Seventeen years later, In-woo - now a high school teacher with a family of his own - starts seeing idiosyncrasies of his former lover in a male student, and slowly becomes obsessed with him. as the mystery of who this boy might be unfolds, In-woo must deal with gay jibes and his own memories of Tae-hee to try and make sense of it all.

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Korean Film Nights continue in 7568 with our second season, Rebels with a Cause in which we focus on determined individuals who have defied the cultural norms of their time, foreshadowing a new direction for Korean society. Rebels can come in all shapes and sizes - from persecuted persons fighting a battle for freedom against tyrannical oppressors, to ordinary people who summon the courage to depart from the norm. It is such individuals (whether they be students, blue-collar workers, teachers, monks or soldiers) who provide the focus for the current series.

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Jong-hwan 8767 s friend 8767 s daughter Seong-hye moves into his house. She messes up the house and drinks with her friends and even has sex with men in the house. One day, Jong-hwan

Although the film seeks to please with travelogue friendly locations in Seoul, Hong Kong and Macau, its chief pleasure is some expertly executed wirework with Park scaling a building under heavy gunfire. Choi competes with Steven Soderbergh in terms of visual panache, but also emotionally bolsters his glamorous caper through flashbacks that elaborate on the complicated history shared by these career criminals.

Won-jin is sent into a nearby region suddenly by the company. He is unprepared when he goes down so he calls his friend Chang-hoon who lives there. Chang-hoon lets Won-jin

Patty Jenkins 8766 blockbuster superhero origin tale is understandably heavy on the CG, but from the beach assault to later Nazi beat-downs the energy and fun are kept high throughout. The killer sequence, though, is the WWI battlefield scene known as 8775 No Man 8767 s Land. 8776 Gal Gadot stands strong in the face of bullets and bombs, and audiences stand to cheer. [ Buy on Blu-ray from Amazon ]

Based on a true serial killer case, the story is about an ex-detective who is now working as a pimp. But the problem in business comes when some of the girls went missing. He realizes that all the missing girls were contacted by the same client with whom one of his girls is going to meet at the same moment. And the movie is so good there is an American remake of it!

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