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And here are the bears! Dark brown with wide white collars. At night they come quite close to the camp and if it were not for the dogs, they would satisfy their curiosity calmly without any attempt at escape by daytime also. Now we move along the riverbed of the clear Buren-gol. Under the hoofs of the horses, blue copper-oxides shine like the best of turquoises. Above us is a steep rock and at the very edge of it a huge bear keeps pace with our caravan, watching us curiously. Who will touch him, and for what?

.Lovecraft''s The Thing in the Moonlight

And the old libraries of China and the ancient central-Asiatic centers guard, since most ancient days, many hymns to the same Mother of the World.

A22-YEAR-OLD CRIME - bob lonsberry dot com

“I have heard that Csoma de Koros reaped misfortune in life. And Grunwedel, whom you mentioned, became insane because they touched the great name of Shambhala out of curiosity, without realizing its stupendous significance. It is dangerous to toy with fire—yet fire can be of the greatest use for humanity. You have probably heard how certain travelers attempted to penetrate into the forbidden territory and how guides refused to follow them. They said, ‘Better to kill us.’ Even these simple folk understood that such exalted matters may be touched only with utmost reverence.

Four years of wanderings through all the Buddhist countries have permitted the accumulation of many impressions. From the unforgettable fairy-tale of the cave temples of Central Asia to the Ten Thousand Buddhas recently ordered by Buddhists of Mongolia from Polish factories (as if the East had become depleted to such an extent!) from the impoverished monastery comprising a transportable yurta of the steppe, to the painting of Shambhala carried by the wandering lama—we have seen all.

Dude! don 8767 t do that. Do not trample on the 8775 boundaries 8776 of impersonation. It 8767 s tacky. It 8767 s uncalled for. And it 8767 s an incredible trespassing upon the integrity of a man we trust in this Chase.

Through Kulu Valley passes the ancient road to Ladak and Tibet. And inhabitants of the valley, ages ago, valued the beneficent properties of this extraordinary place.

This is most powerful. The highest, heavenly power is summoned. From the mountain stream, grandmother Anisya takes a handful of clear water and dashes it into space. And glistening drops, as heavenly lightnings, surround the conjuror.

I can 8767 t believe these people. First learn what is science. Even Norse mythology says about flying stuff and people. Doesn 8767 t mean they existed. Oh I 8767 m sorry Now you all are gonna say Norse is followers of Hindu mythology:-p
And I guess srilankans where far advanced than Indians coz they invented flying machines:-p lol
Please. Give be a break

“Certainly there are many thrones of the Great King Suleiman. He was wise and powerful. He had an apparatus to fly all over many lands. Stupid people, they think that he used a flying carpet, but learned men know that the King possessed an apparatus. Truly it could not fly very high, still it could move in the air.”

The gods are very satisfied, he informs us, We did not offend them. On the contrary we have even collected their images near our house, bringing them from an old ruined temple. There is the statue of Juga-Chohan on horseback, there is also the goddess Kali, the Rishi Kartik Swami Nansigang, Parbati and several images of Nar-sing, the protector of this place.

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